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Sweetheart Scams & Other Internet Dating Scams

February 18, 2010

With millions looking for love online, sweetheart scams (also known as 419 scams ) are occurring in epic proportions. And many are finding out they’ve lost a lot more than their hearts. How does it work? Dating scammers use several common methods to get you to part with your money. Below, you’ll find the most […]

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What Would You Do If He Said, “It’s Me or the Dog”?

February 11, 2010 recently conducted a poll that asked: If your significant other said, “Either the dog leaves or I do,” who would go? The answers so far… My (formerly) significant other 71% The dog 1% We’d work it out 28% In other words, over two-thirds of people would make their significant other sleep outside before they […]

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This Week on DAYTIME: New Speed Dating Study Finds Women Aren’t Any Choosier Than Men

August 31, 2009

Be sure to tune in to Daytime on Tuesday, September 1 when I’ll be talking about a new study that found that women aren’t necessarily pickier than men Are women choosier than guys? This Tuesday on Daytime, I’ll talk about a new speed dating study that found women aren’t quite as selective as we’d thought. […]

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Win a prize if you heard Zeus barking while I did my interview on the “Best Life Barb” radio show

August 25, 2009

Meet Zeus. He looks so sweet and innocent, doesn’t he? I just did an interview with the very fun Best Life Barb radio show, talking about my new book, How To Date Like a Grown-up: Everything You Need to Know To Get Out There, Get Lucky, or Even Get Married in Your 40s, 50s and […]

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Happy Anniversary to Us. :-)

August 15, 2009

Today, Tom and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary. In some ways, it seems like we’ve been married for a million years. In others, it still feels a bit like being a newlywed. It’s nice, really, having all of the fun and heart flutters of a brand new relationship all wrapped up in the cozy […]

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The Bachelorette Betrayal : Bachelor Ed Swiderski Allegedly Cheated With 2 Other Women. Why Jillian Should Leave Now.

August 13, 2009

On the July 27 Bachelorette reveal, Bachelorette winner and Microsoft consultant Ed Swiderski got down on one knee and proposed to Bachelorette Jillian Harris. “You’re everything I could ask for in a woman,” Swiderski gushed. He didn’t exactly say the same thing to Bethany Steffen when she told him she was coming to his apartment […]

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How I went from dumped and depressed to engaged on top of the Eiffel Tower in 5 months

August 12, 2009

Is it Possible to Find Love in Just 6 Weeks? Absolutely. Watch Lisa???s totally romantic story (It could happen to you!) and see how she met her future husband just 2 weeks after discovering this life-changing secret. Want to know how she did it? Name Email Related Articles: Fifteen Minutes of Shame Wins Reviewers’ Choice […]

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FREE ARTICLE: 7 Secrets That Make You Irresistible To Men

August 6, 2009

Hi! Ever wonder what makes some women completely irresistible to men (even if they???re not as pretty as you are) while other women are just ignored by the really great guys? Turns out, there are actually 7 factors that make you irresistible to men (and not one of them has anything to do with how […]

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This Week on DAYTIME : Dater Beware! Dating Scams

July 7, 2009

Be sure to tune in to Daytime on Tuesday, July 7 when I’ll be talking about Dating Scams Dating Scams This Tuesday on Daytime, I’ll talk about dating scams that won’t just steal your heart. I am angry. Please excuse the rushed post, but I wanted to warn you about a dating service, GREAT EXPECTATIONS, […]

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