What his taste in movies, his car, and how fast he falls asleep after sex can tell you about whether or not he’ll cheat on you.

April 21, 2012

Is He Cheating? By Lisa Daily

If you want to know if he loves you so, it’s not his kiss you should be worried about — it’s his car, his job, his love of horror movies, and whether he talks or snores immediately after sex. Studies estimate that infidelity occurs in almost 80% of marriages.

Is He Cheating? Crack the cheat code and find out right now if he is cheating or not, why he cheats, and what you need to do next, is a new book from relationships expert Lisa Daily, the best selling author of Stop Getting Dumped!, and the resident love guru on DAYTIME, a nationally-syndicated morning TV show.

Daily says she was inspired to write the book after receiving thousands of letters from women all over the world, “The scenarios are different, but the fear and worry and heartbreak are always the same.  After a while, I started noticing that there were very specific patterns in the behavior of the men who were cheating.  Once I began researching infidelity behavior in-depth, I realized there was a definite and predictable pattern to men’s affairs — everything from what they told their wives and girlfriends to where they stashed the evidence.  This “cheat code” of utterly predictable cheating behavior became the basis of Is He Cheating?.”

In Is He Cheating? Daily answers readers’ most common and “Am I crazy or does this mean something?” questions including identifying men most likely to cheat (men who have a specific “cheater” gene, men who love horror movies, aggressive drivers, men who fall asleep immediately after sex, and doctors and lawyers), and what she calls “doomsday” evidence: “The pre-paid cell phone or secret SIM card.”

Daily’s book also covers topics like the best places and equipment to snoop for clues, tips on protecting your relationship from an affair, the biggest mistakes women make when confronting a man if they think he is cheating, and the cheating red zone most men are knee-deep in every day.

“Infidelity affects women profoundly — the fear, stress, and worry that their partner is cheating spreads like a cancer to every other area of their lives, affecting their jobs, their friendships, their self-esteem, and their children.  Until women find out the truth, their lives just continue to unravel.”

“Once you find the first piece of proof, his entire story starts to fall apart,” Daily says.  “And that’s the first step to getting the resolution you need.”

For more information visit the media room at LisaDaily.com

Download Is He Cheating? Crack the Cheat Code and find out right now if he is cheating or not, why he cheats, and what you need to do next on Kindle or Nook right now, and get the truth now.

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