7 Bizarre Signs of Cheating

April 24, 2012

Is He Cheating? by bestselling author Lisa DailyThis week on Daytime, I’ll be talking about some of the more unusual signs of cheating and my brand new book out today:

Is He Cheating? Crack the cheat code and find out right now if he is cheating or not, why he cheats, and what you need to do next.

A recent study found that either the wife or the husband cheats in 80% of marriages.

What if you could find out if someone is a cheating risk on the first date?  Did you know that the kind of movies a person likes, or looking at their hand can tell you if they’re more likely to cheat?   Read on, and learn some very unexpected signs of a cheating spouse or boyfriend.
Behold, the strangest signs of cheating:

His ring finger is longer than his index finger

One truly odd sign of cheating is that the length of a man’s ring finger is linked to testosterone levels, and interestingly enough, infidelity.  If his ring finger is longer than his index finger, he likely has a higher testosterone level, which means more partners and a significantly higher risk of cheating. If you want to check his finger without calling attention to the fact that you think he might be cheating, tell him you’re concerned about his health — a longer ring finger is also an indicator of lower risk for heart attack.  Or you can tell him that a longer ring finger means he’ll be more successful in business. A University of Cambridge study of 49 male traders found that guys with longer ring fingers earned 10 times more money than men with short ring fingers.

He’s had a brain injury, multiple concussions, or has a history of high contact sports

You might want to rethink the appeal of the great-looking quarterback after this one.  Was your guy a linebacker or a wide receiver on the football team in high school?  Men who have had multiple concussions are more likely to cheat than other men.  Why?  Multiple smacks to the head damage the front lobe of the brain, the part that controls our inappropriate impulses.

He ‘s a gambler

Here we go again, another sign of cheating linked with impulse control issues.  Thrill-seeking guys frequently have the longer DRD4 gene, which makes them more likely to have gambling addictions.  Yes, the same guy who ran up $7,000 on your credit card last month in Vegas probably slept with a showgirl or a hooker in the same weekend. Lucky you.

He loves horror movies

Watch out for this bizarre sign: Men with the cheating gene are more likely to enjoy watching horror movies than other men.  Why?  Men with the longer DRD4 gene (also known as the cheater gene) are much more likely to be attracted to slasher movies than men with the shorter DRD4.

He’s tall

Another disappointing sign? A study reported in Psychology Today reported that tall men are more likely to cheat.  Experts aren’t sure if its related to testosterone, (which may influence not only height but also infidelity) or something else, but it certainly puts a damper on tall, dark and handsome.

He drives a Toyota 

According to Ashley Madison, the dating website for people looking to cheat on their significant other, 20.9% of cheating men drive a Toyota.  The second most popular car for cheating men?  Ford, at 12.3%.

He rolls over and falls asleep after sex
A recent study found that men who engaged in a little pillow talk after sex were more likely to commit and be faithful than men who fell asleep right after. What’s more, a high number of guys who forgo the pillow talk suffer from something called “insecure attachment” which means they have trouble bonding, always need to be in control, and are more likely to have an affair.

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Need advice for dating? Lisa Daily is the bestselling author of dating books and romantic comedies.

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