Win a prize if you heard Zeus barking while I did my interview on the “Best Life Barb” radio show

August 25, 2009

Meet Zeus.
He looks so sweet and innocent, doesn’t he? I just did an interview with the very fun Best Life Barb radio show, talking about my new book, How To Date Like a Grown-up: Everything You Need to Know To Get Out There, Get Lucky, or Even Get Married in Your 40s, 50s and Beyond, and Zeus was so excited he started barking while I was on the air.

I had to ply him with Pupperoni just to get him to pipe down. What can I say…Zeus just looooves self-improvement radio…

Here are some of the dating tips and topics we covered from How to Date Like a Grown-up on the show today (you’ll find them all in the book)

* Where and how to meet better men
* 5 Easy tips to chat up any stranger
*What you may be doing to make yourself a magnet for losers
*How to deal with the pitfalls and fringe benefits of dating younger men
*Little-known secrets to dramatically improve your dating odds
*How to break it to your kids that you have a better social life than they do
*A foolproof way to find a dating site
* How to face getting naked in front of someone new for the first time
* The one simple thing you can do in the bedroom that will make a man speed up his marriage proposal


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Dating Coach and Relationships Expert Lisa Daily is the bestselling author of two dating books, Stop Getting Dumped!, How to Date Like a Grownup and the totally funny novel Fifteen Minutes of Shame. You???ve seen her everywhere from Entertainment Tonight to the HITCH movie DVD.

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