DATING BOOK REVIEW: Dating For Dummies By Dr. Joy Browne

February 12, 2010

Dating Book Review:

Dating For Dummies by Dr. Joy Browne

(3 out of 5 hearts = we like it!)

If you can get over the idea of checking out of the bookstore with a book “for dummies” under your arm, you might just get a lot of valuable dating advice from this classic dating book. (I know you ladies are tough, after all, most of you have walked out of a bookstore with Stop Getting Dumped! under your arm, so Dating for Dummies is a piece of cake. )

As with other books in the “Dummies” series, this dating book is chock full of checklists and easy-to follow instructions, with a lot of useful information on dating etiquette, first dates, kissing protocol, and even tougher topics like date rape. Dating for Dummies is authored by D. Joy Browne, a well-known radio personality with a lot of common sense.

What’s to Like: Lots of helpful pointers on dating topics ranging from where to meet someone to kissing etiquette, to good first date ideas to date hygiene (shower!)

What’s Not To Like: Dr. Browne suggests you don’t date for a year after your divorce, which to many people might seem like a verrrrrry long time, and a number of readers have pointed out small contradictions.

The Verdict: Dating for Dummies is a pretty smart dating manual. And good news for those who blush easily — instead of flashing your personal life all over the bookstore, you can now download it online.


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Dating Coach and Relationships Expert Lisa Daily is the bestselling author of two dating books, Stop Getting Dumped!, How to Date Like a Grownup and the totally funny novel Fifteen Minutes of Shame. You???ve seen her everywhere from Entertainment Tonight to the HITCH movie DVD.

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