Baby you can drive my car….

May 11, 2010

My car is just about to hit the five year mark, which has me thinking about new cars and old cars and whether or not it’s a good idea to keep your car until it sputters to death on the side of the highway, or whether it’s better to replace it every time you find yourself without a car payment.

I typically keep my cars forever, but the other day I was looking online for Nissan Sentra prices, and Dodge Viper prices, and Cadillac prices, and Chevrolet prices, and I have to say there is something appealing about a shiny new car.

If I did trade mine in, I think I’d probably go for something much greener than what I currently have.

Although, I guess the truly green thing to do would be to keep my car until it’s no longer useful. The good news is that I don’t actually drive that much.

My job as a writer (and my impending July 1 deadline – ack!!!) keeps me glued to my desk or outside on the lanai. Not much of a commute there. The major mileage comes from my gig as the dating guru on the DAYTIME show — but even that only entails a once-a-week trip.



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annmyers June 9, 2010 at 11:04 am

Start tucking away a “car payment” (based on what a new car would cost and the extra insurance you would need to carry, say around $450/month, conservatively) in an account each month.

Then drive your current car and use your car fund to repair any fixes, until you hit a repair that is going to cost over 3 car payments and the repair will, at least, allow your car to roll for another 6 months minimum.

Then you will have a pool of money to repair or put a nice down payment on a new or new to you car.

Remember that to license a car costs a small fortune as well. (cheaper all around if you buy a car a couple years old)

When you are ready to buy, seriously look at the difference of selling your car yourself vs. trade in.

Still have my 88 wagon with 218k miles. 🙂


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