A Good Mechanic, A Dependable Handyman & a Liquor Store That Delivers…

January 17, 2010

I owned a full set of tools by the time I hit my twenties because my mom and my Aunt Jerry firmly believed that a woman should be able to use a drill, a hammer, and a table saw — manicure and all.

The great thing about getting comfortable with tools is that you feel more, well, independent. (Although, power tools 101 is not exactly every woman’s cup of tea. Some women would rather leave that stuff to the professionals.)

That said, feeling powerless to fix something that goes wrong or gets broken is not a great feeling to have. That’s why I recommend that you research a stable of qualified professionals before disaster strikes.

What every woman should have in her iPhone:

1) A Liquor Store That Delivers

Whether it’s a last-minute party or a champagne emergency, this is one number that comes in super-handy.

2) A Fantastic Auto Mechanic:
First, you need someone dependable for your usual oil change and tune up, but frankly, there’s nothing scarier than taking your car to an unknown garage after a breakdown. If your Acura Integra falls apart on some Texas back road, you probably want something a bit more dependable than just searching for Houston auto repair in the phone book.

3) A Handyman
Everyone should learn how to do basic home repairs, but some stuff is too messy (ugh, plumbing) or too time consuming to do on your own (repainting all the baseboards in your house…) TIP: If you want to learn some basic tool skills, try volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity house. Not only will you be doing something good for your fellow humans, you’ll be picking up some pretty handy skills as well.

4) An Excellent Babysitter/Housesitter/Pet Sitter

There’s nothing more stressful than having the opportunity of a lifetime only to realize that you have no one to care for little Billy/your plants/Fluffy & Malomar. Save yourself the stress and find a a great sitter and a fantastic backup sitter before the need arises.

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