Paula Broadwell, reported to be having an affair with General Petraeus, does a double take on the Daily Show when Jon Stewart asks her about “integrity”

November 10, 2012

News broke this week that Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell and General Petraeus had an affair while both were married.  (Petraeus for 37 years). Watch Broadwell’s face when Jon Stewart makes a comment about integrity — fascinating.

There is also some speculation that Broadwell’s husband had written an anonymous letter to the New York Times, asking for advice on what to do about whether or not he should go public with his wife’s affair.

The infidelity was apparently exposed during an FBI investigation, and the big question around whether or not Broadwell had access to Gen. Petraeus’ private (not government) email account.

Did the General’s wife of 37 years know he was cheating as well?  No word yet on whether Holly Petraeus had any suspicions, but she’s smart to lie low for the time being, whether she knew or not.  Her feelings on the betrayal by her husband of 37 years are going to be complicated enough, without adding to the media circus.

It’s not a surprise that Broadwell and Petraeus met through work, it’s where most affairs start.

My thoughts are with the Holly and Scott and their families.


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