Freezing in Florida.

December 16, 2010

Okay, this is a bit off my usual advice for dating, but I’m having a serious wardrobe malfunction this week.

It’s been like, 30 degrees in south Florida this week. And sad little me, with nothing but flip-flops and sundresses in my wardrobe. Really, I own virtually no warm clothes, and hardly any shoes that weren’t made for either the beach or dancing.

That said, it has felt a bit more like the holidays around here than usual, and I’m certain that I have the cold weather to thank for that.

The thing is, it is my usual holiday custom to go to the beach during the week before Christmas. Usually, we spend the entire day of the 23rd hanging out in a lounge chair on Lido Key, soaking up the sunshine, and treating ourselves to rum-soaked frozen concoctions and toasting St. Nick.

The good news — if I head right from the DAYTIME studio to the beach tomorrow, I’ll get to enjoy the one (and only one) 80-ish degree day in the 10-day forecast.

The bad news — there’s only one 80-ish degree day in store. All the rest are 50’s and 60’s. Which means I’m going to either need a lot more clothes or a lot more rum.

Here’s your official dating advice for the day: Snuggle.



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