Advice for Dating -Does Beauty Doom Your Relationship? Yep.

April 12, 2011


Be sure to tune in to Daytime on Tuesday, April 12 when I’ll be talking about how beauty can be the kiss of death in your relationship

Advice for Dating: The Ugly Truth About Dating A Gorgeous Woman

A recent study published in the UK’s Daily Mail found that there’s an unexpected downside to dating a beautiful woman — Relationships where the woman is more attractive than the man are more likely to fail.

What did the study find?
Basically, if the woman is more attractive than the man, the relationship will only last a few months.

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How did the study explain the many romances of Angelina Jolie?
Now, she’s a perfect case study, isn’t she? Angelina Jolie + Billy Bob Thorton = doom. Angelina Jolie + Jonny Lee Miller = Big Fizzle. Angelina Jolie + Brad Pitt = her longest-running and most-successful relationship. Why? Brad Pitt is one of about 6 men on the planet who is equally attractive to the lovely Angelina. Billy Bob didn’t stand a chance.

Why would the fact that the woman is more attractive set the relationship up for failure?
Frankly, beautiful women have more options.

Does having a more handsome boyfriend or husband doom the relationship?

Interestingly enough, no. So feel free to date Brad Pitt if Angelina decides to move on.

All for now. For more advice for dating, check out Stop Getting Dumped!, which has a lot of good info on finding someone who is right for you.



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