Dating After Divorce

April 26, 2016

Lisa-Daily-Dating-Relationships-Expert-Daytime-ShowAdvice for Dating: Dating After Divorce by Lisa Daily

This week on the Daytime Show I’m talking about how to get back on the horse, following your divorce.  After all, if you’ve been married 5-10-20 years, the idea of dating again after your divorce can seem daunting.  Scary. Terrifying.  Which is why this week on the show I’m telling you everything you need to know to get back into the dating pool after a long hiatus.

Insecurity really reigns supreme for daters following divorce.  (Although maybe it shouldn’t — right now divorced women have a dating advantage.)  You’re probably a little wounded, you’re worried because your body might not be what it was twenty years ago, you have no idea where to start, or what to do in order to meet someone nice and/or have sex again before you die. (For more on that, check out 7 Unexpected Places to Meet Great Men)

How-to-Date-Like-A-Grownup-Lisa-Daily-Dating-BookDating following divorce can be challenging, although less so if you have a bit of a roadmap.  How to Date Like a Grown-Up covers a lot of the questions I get from readers who dating again for the first time in a long time. (ie — where (and how) to meet better men, things you might be doing to make yourself a magnet for losers, how to break it to your kids, and how to face getting naked in front of someone for the first time (this is why some genius invented the dimmer switch.)

The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone.  It might feel that way, but you have a whole lot of company.

You just need to get out there and meet them. I’m always happy to give you some pointers along the way.







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