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Swipe Right for Marriage? Tinder sheds its hookup rep

May 13, 2017

TINDER MAY BE SHEDDING ITS REPUTATION AS A HOOKUP APP. “Swipe right” dating apps often get a bad rap, but new data suggests that users of hookup apps may be more commitment-minded than other daters. This week on DAYTIME, I’m talking about a new study that found that Tinder daters might be more commitment-minded than […]

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Is Your Cat Killing Your Lovelife?

August 8, 2016

In honor of International Cat Day, I’m re-posting a video I did a few years ago about how your cat(s) (and conversely, if you’re a guy, your snake…) might be making you less datable online. I know you love Fluffers to the moon and back — maybe just save him for like, date 3. VIDEO: […]

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5 Hacks To Optimize Your Online Dating Profile

April 27, 2016

This week on Daytime, I’m going to tell you 5 easy online dating profile hacks to make you more popular online. Aside from the tips in the fun infographic below, I’ve got a few more profile-boosting tidbits for you, including what poses to use in your online dating profile and what color you should wear:  […]

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Online Dating Poses That Get Attention

March 15, 2016

  Why do some dating profile pics get more attention than others? A new study of more than 6000 singles by Dating Found discovered that certain poses are more likely to attract the opposite sex to your dating profile.  So, this week on the Daytime Show I’ll be telling you which poses are most likely […]

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Should You Google Your Dates?

August 12, 2015

Yep, this one’s for you 🙂 Should You Google Your Dates? By Lisa Daily It’s a truly modern love story: Boy meets girl online. Boy ogles girl. Girl Googles boy. Girl passes visual check, boy passes criminal check. They meet, they date, they fall madly in love. Then, after a satisfactory waiting period, his-and-her D&Bs, […]

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What your Facebook “likes” say about your personality.

April 1, 2013

Guess what? Researchers can now predict your IQ, sexual orientation, politics and even your emotional stability based on what you happen to “like” on Facebook, thanks to a new study at Cambridge University. According to a piece on Memburn, “The researchers developed a model that could predict if a man was homosexual 88% of the […]

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Do You Smash Cake on The Screen for an Internet Wedding?

March 28, 2013

A couple of weeks ago on the Daytime show I talked about the growing popularity of online weddings, otherwise known as “proxy marriages.” Married on the Internet: Skype isn’t just for job interviews, connecting with friends, or chatting with grandma anymore. According to the New York Times, officials are seeing an explosion in Internet marriages […]

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Liar, Liar, Your Profile’s on Fire

March 28, 2013

Liar, Liar, Profile’s on Fire by Lisa Daily Almost everybody lies. We tell Aunt Edna that we’d love to come to her nursing home’s 4-hour musical production of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas on Thursday night, but our boss is making us work late. We call ourselves “athletic”, when the only sports we actively participate […]

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Advice for Dating: Which Dating Sites Are The Best Dating Sites?

October 28, 2010

Advice for Dating: Which Sites Are The Best Dating Sites? Membership or free? Hyper-local or Worldwide? With so many sites dedicated to helping you find the love of your life, how do you sort through them all to find the best online dating sites? Do you go with the largest sites, like Or do […]

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Advice for Dating. Which camera makes you more attractive online?

August 31, 2010

Be sure to tune in to Daytime on Tuesday, August 31 when I’ll be talking about Whether or not your camera might be making you less attractive to online daters Advice for Dating: camera phone = plain jane One of my favorite sites for interesting little dating tidbits, recently analyzed about half a million […]

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