What to Say if He Shows You His #$*& (And other Blunt Dating Advice for Women)

January 17, 2013

In this collection of short essays, Amazon-best-selling author and international relationship expert Michael Fiore shares his blunt advice with women on how to survive the emotional thunderdome that is the modern dating world.
In this slim ebook you'll learn . . .

Exactly what to say if a guy texts you his @#$$ (and why men are so obsessed with their $#@$ in the first place.)

How to tell if a guy is "the one" or some douchebag you should avoid like the plague.

How to break up with a guy so he doesn't turn into your own personal stalker (and the HUGE mistake you've made every time you've dumped a guy in the past.)
How to find GREAT guys online (while letting the freaks know in half a second to hunt elsewhere.)

What a married guy REALLY means when he says he "hates his wife and will leave here soon."

And a LOT more.

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