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This week on Daytime, I’m going to tell you 5 easy online dating profile hacks to make you more popular online.

Aside from the tips in the fun infographic below, I’ve got a few more profile-boosting tidbits for you, including what poses to use in your online dating profile and what color you should wear:  Red for ladies (grabs attention, raises the heart rate) and  blue for guys (signals you’re a nice guy who can match his own clothes.)

Have fun out there, people!


How to Optimize Your Dating Profile Infographic

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Lisa Daily Dating Expert Daytime ShowCan your favorite ice cream help you find true love?
A 20-year study by Dr. Alan Hirsch, of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation revealed that certain personality types favor one ice cream flavor over another.  Which means one of the most unexpected places to find out if your date is your perfect match might just be the ice cream parlor.

Can Mint Chocolate Chip ever find happiness with Rocky Road? Is your plain vanilla boyfriend doomed to bore you to tears?  Read on darlings, I’ve got the scoop.



Vanilla : If vanilla ice cream is your favorite, you’ve got a colorful personality, but you’re also fairly dependent and needy.  You’re probably a risk-taker, and an idealist, (which sometimes translates into tough-on-yourself-and-your-relationships perfectionism, so be careful there.)  You’re most likely a very private person, but your relationships with others tend to be very close.

Vanilla’s Best Match?  Rocky road or another vanilla

Double chocolate chunk: You’re a charmer — not only lively and flirtatious, but you looooooove being the center of attention. You are very into your appearance, and why shouldn’t you be?  You put a lot of effort into looking good, especially when it comes to your clothes.  Sure, you’re a little self-absorbed, and sometimes you tend to be a bit, uh, let’s say dramatic. You get bored easily, and like to try new things.  (And often, new people.)

Double Chocolate’s Best Match?  Butter pecan or chocolate chip

Strawberries and cream: The phrase “strawberries and cream” is often used to describe things that are easy, the good life.  But whoever first popularized that turn of phrase probably didn’t actually spend time with real-life strawberries and cream lovers.  Is that your favorite? You’re likely an introvert, you’re kind of a marshmallow when it comes to high-stress situations, which means you handle stress poorly and can become overwhelmed, irritable, and extra cranky. Like the kind of cranky where you need to just sit on the couch binge-watching Netflix with just a spoon and a half-gallon of pink ice cream to soothe your nerves.

Strawberries and Cream‘s Best Match? Chocolate chip

Banana cream pie: If you love banana cream pie (uh, who doesn’t?) you’re well-adjusted, easygoing, and empathetic. You basically make the perfect spouse and parent, which makes it hard to like you — except, you know, you’re so nice and all that so everybody does anyway.

Banana Cream Pie Best Match? Vanilla, strawberries and cream, double chocolate chunk, chocolate chip, butter pecan or another banana cream pie.  Basically, pretty much everybody.

Chocolate chip: If you love chocolate chip ice cream best, you’re ambitious, highly competitive, and a real go-getter. You’re also quite the visionary. Chocolate chip lovers are generally very charming and enjoy being catered to. Because, you know, they’re visionaries.

Chocolate Chip’s Best Match:  Butter pecan or double chocolate chunk

Butter pecan: If you love butter pecan ice cream, you’re likely a principled rule-follower.   Butter pecan preference indicates a high level of intelligence, morality, and conscientiousness.  You’re a perfectionist, and while you’re highly competitive, you’re also very quick to criticize yourself.

Butter Pecan’s Best Match: Mint chocolate chip

Strawberry: Strawberry ice cream lovers are perfectly happy being followers, and enjoy working behind the scenes rather than being up front. Love strawberry ice cream? You probably also love being part of a team.

Strawberry’s Best Match: Rocky road, vanilla, mint chocolate chip or other strawberries

Coffee: Much like a double espresso, you’re lively, dramatic, and squeeze as much gusto into your life as you possibly can.  Because you’re caffeinated!  You’re seductive and flirtatious, and you might be inclined to fly off to Vegas to get hitched to someone you just had the most amazing sex of your life with.  Why wait?  Why do anything halfway? You throw yourself headfirst into everything and prefer to live in the moment rather than think about the future. Which means you might consider partnering up with someone who’s got a good 401K and an eye on retirement.  Otherwise, you’ll end up eating cat food in your golden years.

Coffee’s Best Match: Strawberry

Mint chocolate chip:  Love mint chocolate chip?  You probably believe the research behind this article is complete crap science.  After all, you’re a cynic.  (Of course, if somebody calls you that you’ll vehemently disagree — because you’re also argumentative and contrary.) The good news, you’re highly ambitious.  You’re also quite frugal, and cautious about planning for your future.

Mint Chocolate Chip’s Best Match: Other mint chocolate chips.  

Rocky road: If you’re a rocky road lover, you’re highly charming and engaging in social situations, but completely driven at work. Sure, you’ll lose your temper over life’s inconveniences (traffic, slow elevators, a long line at the ice cream parlor — or frankly, anywhere, because why are these people so freaking slow? )

Rocky Road’s Best Match: Other rocky roads

Did you find this as fascinating and dead-on-accurate as I did? Then you’ll probably enjoy the posts about what your favorite pizza topping says about your personality, and what your favorite cupcake says about you.

Wondering about me?  My favorite flavor is banana cream pie.  And my sweetie’s favorite is vanilla.




Dating After Divorce

April 26, 2016

Lisa-Daily-Dating-Relationships-Expert-Daytime-ShowAdvice for Dating: Dating After Divorce by Lisa Daily

This week on the Daytime Show I’m talking about how to get back on the horse, following your divorce.  After all, if you’ve been married 5-10-20 years, the idea of dating again after your divorce can seem daunting.  Scary. Terrifying.  Which is why this week on the show I’m telling you everything you need to know to get back into the dating pool after a long hiatus.

Insecurity really reigns supreme for daters following divorce.  (Although maybe it shouldn’t — right now divorced women have a dating advantage.)  You’re probably a little wounded, you’re worried because your body might not be what it was twenty years ago, you have no idea where to start, or what to do in order to meet someone nice and/or have sex again before you die. (For more on that, check out 7 Unexpected Places to Meet Great Men)

How-to-Date-Like-A-Grownup-Lisa-Daily-Dating-BookDating following divorce can be challenging, although less so if you have a bit of a roadmap.  How to Date Like a Grown-Up covers a lot of the questions I get from readers who dating again for the first time in a long time. (ie — where (and how) to meet better men, things you might be doing to make yourself a magnet for losers, how to break it to your kids, and how to face getting naked in front of someone for the first time (this is why some genius invented the dimmer switch.)

The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone.  It might feel that way, but you have a whole lot of company.

You just need to get out there and meet them. I’m always happy to give you some pointers along the way.








Politics and Dating

April 19, 2016

DO YOUR POLITICS AFFECT YOUR DATING? Yes— and your choice of presidential candidates might actually be killing your chances of getting dates, With everyone talking about the upcoming election and no end in sight, I’ve got some interesting new studies to share on politics and your love life.



Lisa Daily Author Dating Expert Selfie? Check. Happy shot? Check. Left side of my face? Check. Cleavage? Sorry, buster.


Why do some dating profile pics get more attention than others?

A new study of more than 6000 singles by Dating Found discovered that certain poses are more likely to attract the opposite sex to your dating profile.  So, this week on the Daytime Show I’ll be telling you which poses are most likely to get you noticed.  A while back, I did a segment on the most flattering cameras for your online dating photos, you can check it out here.

For guys:

1. If you’re a guy, your best bet is to show a little pride.  Manly poses with where you’ve climbed something, or have just purchased yourself a brand new BMW, or built a whole block’s worth of shelters for the homeless with just a hammer and the sweat on your brow.  Girls dig that.

2. Your next best bet is the fun shot of you, cliff diving with your friends, or eating one of those Fred Flintstone turkey legs with a group of pals at a music festival, or snorkeling in some exotic locale.  You know, one of those shots that makes obvious that you have an awesome life.

3. The left side of your face.  Do I need to explain? No, no I don’t.

4. The happy shot is one of my personal favorites, but apparently, I’m the only one — because this shot is least favored by people who might like to date you.  Still, you’ll need to include at least one, because we like to make sure you have most of your teeth.

For ladies:

1) The happy shot, which is least popular for guys, is most popular for women.  So pick photos where you’re having fun.

2) The cleavage shot is second most popular.  Yes, shocker, who knew?  Men like breasts. Another mystery of the universe solved.

3) Next on the hit list is the fun shot, you having the time of your life doing something interesting or goofy.

4) Pictures that feature the left side of your face.  Because that’s the cutest one, obv.




What does your date’s favorite cupcake flavor have to do with his personality?

Quite a lot, if you ask Dr. Alan Hirsch, founder of the Smell & Taste Institute, who has been studying scents and personality for two decades. I love this guy’s research –mostly because it’s fun, and anecdotally, I’ve found it to be unbelievably accurate.  Like this study about what your favorite pizza toppings indicate about your personality and this other one about how men are attracted to the scents of cinnamon and vanilla.

This week on the Daytime Show I’m talking about what your date’s favorite cupcake flavor says about his/her personality traits. Fun fact:  both Cyndi Edwards and I are fans of carrot cake, which makes us  nurturing, sweet (so true about Cyndi!), highly empathetic, and caring towards the people we love.  Jerry Pennacoli, is a big fan of the red velvet cupcake, which would indicate that he’s elegant (hello, pocket squares!),  creative, aesthetically discerning, and loves the fine details.  My sweetie is a vanilla cupcake fan, which means he’s expressive, colorful, an idealist who’s intuitive and sweet. All of the above.  Check out the clip below to see what your favorite flavor says about you.





Love. Relationships. Science.

Science isn’t just for splitting atoms or figuring out how to start a colony on Mars, you can also use it to make your relationships happier, stronger, and last longer. This week on Daytime, I’m talking about some new scientific data empirically proven to make your love life better.




Lisa Daily Daytime Show

Well, it’s not a box from Tiffany’s…
I’ve been covering Valentine’s Day for about 15 years. As a dating expert, it’s pretty much my busiest day of the year. If you need to know what to do if you’re dateless on Valentine’s Day, or  what you should smell like for your big Valentine’s Day date, or what to do if you’re planning to spend date night on your couch, I’m your girl.

Here in the US, Valentines Day usually means chocolate hearts, red roses by the dozen, lingerie, and possibly an expensive dinner out. If you’re lucky, it might include a little blue box from an iconic jewelry store.  But around the globe, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with some pretty bizarre and interesting traditions, which is what I’ll be telling you all about on the Daytime Show this week.




I did not fall off the planet.

December 10, 2015


Lisa-Daily-Author-Dating_Expert It’s been forever since I’ve posted.

Thanks to all of you who’ve been watching me every Tuesday on the Daytime show, and hanging out with with me on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.  I’m always really glad to connect with you.

I’ve been terrible lately about posting on the blog — and I hope you found what you were looking for in the archives. There’s been a lot going on with me in the last few months. Aside from dealing with a fairly significant family tragedy,  I’ve been working these last many months on a new novel for St. Martin’s Press which should be coming out in 2017.  (If I ever get my edits done to the manuscript.)  :-)

I’ll have lots of great things to look forward to in 2016, and much to be thankful for in 2015, my favorites of which are:

  • the best family, friends, and fans ever,
  • two new books,
  • living next to Siesta Key, the most gorgeous beach in America,
  • and falling madly, happily, head-over-heels in love.

More on that to come.

Thanks for reading.






Lisa Daily Dating Expert Daytime Show

Are you social habits repelling potential dates? Does it still matter who makes more money? Can emojis improve your love life?

Every year, conducts the Singles in America study, which is a comprehensive study of the habits and preferences of American daters. This week on the Daytime Show, I’m talking about some of the weirder dating findings from the study, like the connection between emojis and sex. (Yes, seriously.)

The great thing about studies like this one, is that it’s a great way to learn about the strange, wonderful, and not-so-wonderful habits of your fellow daters.

Check it out.