My Interview on Is He Cheating

March 27, 2012

Is He Cheating? by bestselling author Lisa DailyHi all,

Just finished an interview over at where I talked about my new book coming out April 9, Is He Cheating?

Here’s a little bit of the interview:

You speak on the topic: 7 Signs Your Guy is Cheating. Can you give us three signs?

1. The biggest sign is a change in sexual behavior — either no sex or different sex.  This usually means he’s getting it somewhere else, or learning it somewhere else.
2. A pre-paid cell phone.  No bill, no evidence.
3. He changes his appearance.    Maybe your guy starts working out after six years of bliss on the couch.  Maybe he has a sudden interest in Armani when nacho cheese-covered Chinos have always been just fine.  From a new gym membership to a new cologne, big appearance changes can mean big trouble.’
4. His feet are pointed away from you when you’re together.  Even when we fake our emotions, our body language leaks them.  When you’re in love, your bodies will line up, heart to heart, toes to toes.  If lately his toes are always pointing at someone else, out the door, or just far away from you, you have reason to worry.

Oops, that’s four.

I actually have a list of more than 40 signs of cheating, including where to look for evidence, and the worst way to stage a confrontation in my new book coming out April 24 — Is He Cheating? Crack the cheat code and find out right now if he is cheating or not, why he cheats, and what you need to do next.

You can buy Is He Cheating here

You can read the rest here

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