Are Tall People More Likely to Cheat? THIS WEEK ON DAYTIME

February 9, 2010

Lisa Daily Daytime Show

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What Makes Someone More Likely to Cheat?

A new study in Psychology Today found that having certain characteristics may make someone more prone to cheating. This week on DAYTIME I’ll tell you why some people are more likely to be unfaithful than others.

Do tall people cheat more?
Tall women are more likely to cheat than shorter women — experts aren’t sure if it’s related to testosterone (which may influence both height and infidelity) or something else, but it certainly makes you think twice about picking up chicks at the Big And Tall store.

Are women more likely to cheat at certain times of the month? Yes — women are more likely to cheat when they’re ovulating. What’s more, they tend to go for really masculine, socially-dominant guys — the kind with the prominent brow and strong jawlines.

Do people with high self-esteem cheat more or cheat less?
This is sort of a trick question. The answer is that women with low self-esteem tend to cheat more often (they’re looking for a guy to validate them), and men with high self-esteem tend to cheat more often (they feel entitled.) If a guy is wealthy, it magnifies the effect. (I know, I know — rich, arrogant men cheat more? Who knew?!? )
Is He Cheating? By Lisa Daily

How does the environment affect the likelihood that someone will cheat?
The more opportunities a person has to cheat, the more often they will. (This is why numbers of women who cheat correlates with the number of women in the workforce. Back in the 50s, women cheated significantly less than men – now, they’re about equal.

Are there any other factors that make someone more likely to cheat?
Absolutely. History of cheating is the strongest indicator, but some personality traits play a role as well: Extroverts and people who are open-minded cheat more. People who are agreeable and conscientious cheat less.

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