Where Should You Get Your Dating Advice?

December 5, 2009

The Internet is chock full of sites, blogs and article directories offering dating, love and relationship advice.?? And who among us hasn’t come home from a bad date or a bad dinner, and scoured the web for answers to our real life problems?

Recently, the folks at www.articlealley.com asked me to review their dating article directory.?? Now for those of you who don’t know, www.articlealley.com is basically a collection of articles on pretty much any topic you can think of.?? There are hundreds of articles under the dating category.

The good news:?? the articles can come from anywhere.

The bad news: the articles can come from anywhere.

Some of the contributors to the site are actual experts — real authors, psychologists and coaches who are dedicated to helping others find love.?? Some are internet marketers, who seem more interested in repeating Google keywords like “hot Filipino dating” and “Russian brides.”

Which means when it comes to the quality of the dating articles on www.articlealley.com— some are good, some are bad, and some so crammed with keywords that they are hardly readable.

A number of articles were well-written and offered some helpful advice.?? In particular, I liked HOW TO USE TWITTER FOR DATING and SWEET THINGS TO SAY TO YOUR GIRLFRIEND.?? There are some gems on the site.
The most important things to remember when looking for dating tips online are:

Consider the Source

Are you taking dating advice from a doctor, an author, or some other qualified person??? Or is the column written anonymously, or by someone with marketing or SEO in their name?

Keyword, Rinse, Repeat

If the article feels like a broken record, (as in, repeating “Christian Singles” 47 times when “we’re” would do) its purpose is likely to build links, not help you find the romantic relationship of your dreams.?? Same thing is true when words are spelled incorrectly. “on line” versus “online” — why??? keyword marketers know that people frequently misspell words when they are searching online.

Take All Advice With a Gain of Salt.?? Even Mine.

When I write a dating advice blog post or article, I’m speaking in generalities (unless I’m answering a direct question sent in by you.)?? Why??? Not all advice applies to all people, and we’re aiming for advice that will help the greatest number of daters.?? Online dating advice is general, and designed to apply to the mass population.

Dating Coach and Relationship Expert Lisa Daily is the bestselling author of two dating books — Stop Getting Dumped! and How To Date Like a Grown-up; and Fifteen Minutes of Shame – a novel. Lisa is also the dating coach on DAYTIME, a nationally-syndicated morning TV show. You???ve seen her everywhere from Entertainment Tonight to the Washington Post to the HITCH movie DVD starring Will Smith.

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