FTC Disclosure

December 5, 2009

The FTC has recently revised its guidelines regarding bloggers, experts, and celebrity endorsements.

To learn more, read the Federal Register Notice at www.ftc.gov/opa/2009/10/endortest.shtm.

While reading this blog, or watching me on television or other media outlets, you should be aware that:

1) I am a professional dating expert, which means I derive my entire income from sales of my books, coaching, speaking, sponsorships, media tours, etc. My book tours are frequently supported via corporate sponsors. (This is not news to any of you who made it to my book parties for Fifteen Minutes of Shame — hell-o free margaritas for everybody, sponsored by Partida.)

2) Because I am a well-known expert on dating and relationships, companies frequently send me their products, publishers send me their books, and I am regularly asked to try and read all manner of products and books. These products are regularly sent to me for free, in hopes I will consider reviewing them. Many, many books and products which are sent to me are NOT reviewed by me. The fact that a company sends me a book, product or some other thing 1) does not guarantee any coverage by me on the blog or in any other media form 2) does not guarantee positive coverage by me if I do choose to review it. This is common in my field.

3) This site is supported by advertisers. Some of the advertisers are approved by me, some are served up via google or other advertising services. The fact that an ad is running on my site does not mean that I endorse the company running it– you’ll have to make your own judgments on that one. That said, I have on several occasions, asked the ad services not to run ads for specific organizations that are offensive to me or my readership. If you see something that riles you up, please feel free to email me and let me know.

4) You should also know that I will not at any time endorse or recommend any product, book or service that I do not believe in. My opinions on this site, in my books, and in my various media appearances are always honest, and always reflect what I truly believe. My relationship with my readers is far more important to me than a quick paycheck. If I recommend something, it’s because I think it works.

I read the books I review, I try and/or use the products & sites I recommend, what I write and say is my honest opinion.

If you have any questions about anything on this blog, please drop me a line.

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