This week on Daytime — 5 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Woman

March 31, 2009

Be sure to tune in to Daytime on Tuesday, March 31 when I’ll be talking about 5 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Woman

5 Things to Never Say to a Woman

This Tuesday on Daytime, I’ll talk about the topics that put you at risk for spending the night in your car. Or in the doghouse. Last week we talked about the six things you should never say to a man — this week, we feel it’s only fair to let the guys know the things you should never (ever) say to a woman. If you’ve ever said something you considered to be completely innocent, only to have your wife or girlfriend flip out, you may have stumbled on to one of these taboo topics:

1) “Relax”
You may think you’re being helpful, but to us, it feels like you’re being dismissive of how we’re feeling — in our minds, you’re telling us that what we’re upset about really isn’t a big deal. The thing to remember here? If we’re upset about it, it’s a big deal to us.

2) “It’s up to you.”
You may think you’re being a nice guy in giving her everything she wants, but to a woman, it feels like you don’t care enough to engage in the conversation. (It also feels like we have to do all the work,a nd you’re just going to sit back for the ride.

The next time your girlfriend or wife asks you what you think about a movie, restaurant or choice of outfit, offer a suggestion. You can always be the sweetheart and give her way later if you want to.

If we ask for your opinion, please give it. Besides, most women LOVE a man who knows what he likes.

3) “You knew I was this way when you met me”
This is just about the worst cop-out known to woman. Relationships are about the evolution of a couple, and with this choice comment, you’re basically saying that you’re not willing to actually participate in the relationship. (And if that’s true, you just get out, and put the poor woman out of her misery.)

Hook up with any woman who gives you the opportunity? — you knew I was this way when you met me.
Leave old pizza boxes scattered in the kitchen like a thirteen-year-old? — you knew I was this way when you met me.

4) “Is it that time of the month?”

Even if you’re right, there’s just no way to ask this question and get a positive outcome.

Only in some crazy, alternate universe would a guy say, “honey, is it that time of the month?” and not have a coffee cup hurled at his head.

She’s never going to say, “gee, sweetie, you’re right, I have been cranky and unreasonable all day”

Your best bet is to keep an emergency stash of chocolates and just wait until the hormone storm passes you by.

5)”When are you due?”
This is a mistake most people only make once, but it’s a big one. Never assume that a woman with a tummy bulge is pregnant. She may have already had a couple of kids and is having a hard time losing the baby weight. Or, she may just have an affinity for cupcakes. Either way, you don’t want to take a chance. Ever.


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