THIS WEEK ON DAYTIME: David Letterman, ESPN’s Steve Phillips, and New Rules on Dating at Work

November 2, 2009

Be sure to tune in to Daytime on Tuesday, November 3 when I’ll be talking about David Letterman and ESPN’s Steve Phillips Office Affairs

New Rules For Dating at Work

This Tuesday on Daytime, I’m talking about the new rules on workplace romance — It seemed like the rules on workplace dating had relaxed in recent years, but with two office romance scandals in the last few weeks– including David Letterman & ESPN’s Steve Phillips workplace affairs– many people are wondering if it’s ever okay to date where you work.

How common is office dating?

A recent survey of 8,000 workers found that:

40% of workers have dated a coworker
18% have dated a coworker more than once

Do workplace romances always end badly?
Nope. In fact, the survey found that a whopping 31% of those polled say they actually went on to marry the person they dated at the office. (Lisa note: the stakes are higher, so you’re probably a bit choosier on who you ask out. In addition, you know going into it that you have at least some basic things in common — ie — where you live and your career field.)

Are office romances still taboo?
In general, companies have policies against office dating, but tend to look the other way unless it’s causing problems. The survey found that 72 percent of workers involved in office romances didn’t feel they had to keep them a secret.

If workplace dating is okay, why is there such a fuss about the relationships of Letterman and Steve Phillips?

Two things: First, both men are married. Maybe this hasn’t been covered enough, but if you are MARRIED, you should not be DATING.
In addition, both men were higher-ups, and most companies frown on dating subordinates. Not only does it place the employee in a difficult position, but causes problems in the work environment for everybody who ISN’T sleeping with the boss as well.

Note: ESPN announced that Steve Phillips had been fired due to the Brooke Hundley affair

What are the new rules for workplace romance? When is it okay to date a coworker?

It’s okay to date a coworker if you:
1) can handle a breakup without freaking out at work.
2) are working in different departments/divisions/locations
3) neither of you will be perceived as gaining special favor by dating the other
4) it doesn’t affect your job


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