Recovering From an Affair: How to Save a Relationship after Infidelity

January 20, 2013

At least once in your life you might have a chance to hear one of your friends or family or colleagues saying “oh, my husband cheated on me” or “my wife has an affair”. Or you can be one of them who said it. You may not realize that this thing is quite common and happening in every corner of this world. It looks like we humans are destined to be happy and become unhappy afterwards. Nevertheless, this could just be some kind of terrible test that if you fail, you marriage is done.

Recovering from an Affair is a book of relationship advice to any couple who confront the marriage trouble when one of them is cheating. The book is parted into 6 chapters:

Chapter I Signs of an Emotional Affair
Chapter II Can A Relationship Survive Cheating?
Chapter III Forgiving an Affair
Chapter IV Trust after Infidelity
Chapter V Life after an Affair
Chapter VI Spicing Up a Relationship

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