After the Affair– Healing the Pain and Rebuilding Trust When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful

January 10, 2013

Is He Cheating? By Lisa Daily
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I get letters from readers all the time about this infidelity book — some people think it’s one of the best infidelity books on the market, other readers tell me they felt that After the Affair goes way too easy on the cheater and doesn’t offer enough support to the betrayed.  That said, there is some valuable advice included in the book, and it’s definitely worth a look if you are struggling with putting your marriage back together after your spouse has been unfaithful.

Here’s how the publisher describes the book:

After the Affair teaches partners how to heal themselves and grow from the shattering crisis of an infidelity. Drawing on thirty-five years as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Spring offers a series of original and proven strategies that address such questions as: * Why did it happen? * Once love and trust are gone, can we ever get them back? * Can I—should I—recommit when I feel so ambivalent? * How do we become sexually intimate again? * Is forgiveness possible? * What constitutes an affair in cyberspace?

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