Feminism & Dating: The Future of Dating is Female!

April 4, 2017

THE FUTURE OF DATING IS FEMALE. The number one turn-on for male daters this year? Female entrepreneurs. This week on the Daytime show I’m talking about some more of the fascinating facts from the SINGLES IN AMERICA study, including what the explosive resurgence of the feminist movement means for single women and men. (Woohoo!) The […]

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I did not fall off the planet.

December 10, 2015

  It’s been forever since I’ve posted. Thanks to all of you who’ve been watching me every Tuesday on the Daytime show, and hanging out with with me on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.  I’m always really glad to connect with you. I’ve been terrible lately about posting on the blog — and I hope […]

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Adorable NYC Dancing Proposal — Real Life Romance

August 18, 2015

Just came across this incredibly cool, very sweet proposal. A couple of NYC dancers are performing in Central Park to Frank Sinatra’s “You Make Me Feel So Young” (one of my all-time favorite songs!) for their performance reel. What the lovely female performer doesn’t know is that it’s also an incredibly romantic marriage proposal. Cue […]

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What Would You Do If He Said, “It’s Me or the Dog”?

February 11, 2010 recently conducted a poll that asked: If your significant other said, “Either the dog leaves or I do,” who would go? The answers so far… My (formerly) significant other 71% The dog 1% We’d work it out 28% In other words, over two-thirds of people would make their significant other sleep outside before they […]

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Date Ideas – 5 Dates You Can Have On Your Couch : THIS WEEK ON DAYTIME

January 11, 2010

Be sure to tune in to Daytime on Tuesday, January 12 when I’ll be talking about 5 Date Ideas You Can Do On Your Couch Date Ideas – 5 Dates You Can Have On Your Couch This Tuesday on Daytime, I’m talking about 5 Date Nights You Can Have From Your Couch After months of […]

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UPDATE: Tiger Woods Affair — 11 Mistresses And Counting??

December 7, 2009

UPDATE: I think we need a MISTRESS METER to keep track of these ladies. Since this post, eight additional women (including porn star Joslyn James, porn star Holly Sampson, model Jamie Jungers, Cori Rist — a “clubgoer” (seriously? this is a job?), marketing manager Kalika Moquin, and yet another waitress) have come forward to claim […]

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Tiger Woods Affair: Why Nice Guys Cheat

December 4, 2009

Be sure to tune in to Daytime on Tuesday, December 8 when I’ll be talking about The Tiger Woods Scandal, and Why Nice Guys Cheat Tiger Woods Affair – Why Nice Guys Cheat This Tuesday on Daytime, I’m talking about Tiger Woods alleged affairs with cocktail waitress Jamiee Grubbs, New York city nightclub hostess Rachel […]

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Lisa Daily at the Power of Women Conference — Toronto — Nov. 30, 2009

October 19, 2009

Woo-hoo am I excited about speaking at this event –The Power of Women conference in Toronto on Monday, November 30. This is going to be one of those knock-down, drag-out, FABULOUS, empowering, supportive, amazing, figure-out-how-to-make-all-your-dreams-come-true days. I can hardly wait. I LOVE events for women — especially events like this — all about building women […]

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THIS WEEK ON DAYTIME: Mr. Mom Syndrome. When Hubby Loses His Job, and Mom Goes Back to Work

October 6, 2009

Be sure to tune in to Daytime on Tuesday, October 6 when I’ll be talking about Mr. Mom all over again — what happens when your husband loses his job, and you need to go back to work? Stay-at-Home Moms Returning to Work in Droves — “This is not what I signed up for…” This […]

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Find Love in 6 Weeks : The Revolutionary New Program From Dating Coach Lisa Daily. Coming August 15, 2009.

August 1, 2009

Want to know more? Be the first to find out all about it. Name Email Related Articles: Fifteen Minutes of Shame Wins Reviewers’ Choice Award Do You Need A Dating Coach? 6 Things You Should Never Say to a Man ASK LISA : I can’t stop thinking about him! 7 Unexpected Places to meet Great […]

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