Fifteen Minutes of Shame (a romantic comedy) by Lisa Daily

March 25, 2008

America's favorite TV dating expert just found out her husband is cheating on her.

Romantic Comedy at its Hilarious Best!

Darby Vaughn, a small-town girl turned dating guru, has finally landed the life she's always dreamed of: A handsome, charming husband she's crazy about, a fabulous home in an exclusive neighborhood, a bestselling dating book, and tax-deductible pedicures. Thousands of women have attended Darby's famous Dreamgirl Academy and followed her man-snagging advice to the letter, in hopes that their lives will turn out just like hers. But when she finds out her husband is cheating, her publicity-perfect world spins out of control. Not only is the most humiliating moment in her life splashed across every supermarket tabloid and celebrity gossip show, but her reputation as America's favorite love expert is shot. Her book sales have tanked, her publisher has canceled the rest of her tour, and her love life has become fodder for late-night TV. To make matters worse, Darby's husband's ex-wife Gigi keeps feeding the media frenzy in hopes of furthering her own reality TV career. If Darby takes her philandering husband back, she will be breaking her own most cardinal law of relationships (Never stay with a cheater!), and her career will be over. If she sticks to her own rules, she'll lose the only man she has ever truly loved. As her marriage and career fall apart, Darby learns that even dating experts get their hearts broken, and that when it comes to matters of the heart, none of us are in complete control.

Editorial Reviews

"Holy #@%*!
This book is going to be a bestseller.
I loved Fifteen Minutes of Shame
and I don't know a woman who wouldn't."
– Michael Alvear
Star of HBO's Sex Inspectors

"Comedy, romance, Fifteen Minutes of Shame has it all."
– Coleen Murphy, Riverbank Studios

"I was instantly hooked on this funny romance"
– Clare Naylor
Author of The Second Assistant

"Lisa Daily has a knack for putting the "pop" back into pop culture. A pitch perfect romantic comedy"
– Marci Wise
Senior Producer, WFLA

Fifteen Minutes of Shame is brilliant and funny chick lit comedy,
Daily is an author on the rise."
– Best selling author Mia King

"A smart, hilariously funny gem of a book."
– Lisa Earle McLeod
syndicated columnist, Buffalo News

"Fall-out-of-your-chair hilarious! One of the funniest chick lit romance novels you'll read all year!
– Miss Lit Blog / Fiction Bestsellers for Women

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