Even Brad Pitt Gets His Heart Broken: How to Recover From Your Divorce

May 11, 2017


EVEN BRAD PITT GETS HIS HEART BROKEN. Brad Pitt opened up about his family being “ripped apart” and his divorce from Angelina Jolie in GQ last week. This week on the DAYTIME show I talked about what he (and you!) can do to heal heartbreak and get through your divorce in one piece — including why it’s bad for you to blame your partner, why it takes the “dumpee” and the “dumper” more or less time to move on after the breakup or divorce, when we should expect to see Brad Pitt back out on the dating market (and why he should wait), the most important thing you need to do during your divorce, and what to do when you’re missing your kids like crazy during the other parent’s visitation time.

Check it out, here:

Lisa Daily Dating Expert Daytime ShowFor more divorce, relationship, and dating advice, be sure to tune in to DAYTIME every Tuesday.  Check your local listings for details.

In other news, I’ve got a brand new book coming out this summer (yep, beach read!) called SINGLE-MINDED, about a woman who marries her childhood sweetheart and then finds herself dating for the first time in her life at 31 when her marriage unexpectedly ends in divorce.



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