Ask Lisa: Advice for Pick-up Artists?

July 28, 2009

Lisa-Daily-Advice-For-DatingDear Lisa,

It seems like most of your advice is directed to women. What do you have for a guy who’s just looking to learn how to score?

PUA In Training


Dear Training,

As you may have noticed from perusing around this little dating advice blog is that much of my advice is directed to women.

Why? Well, the majority of the letters I receive are from women (although I do get quite a few from men as well.)

Strictly speaking, I focus more on dating and relationships, and don’t offer a lot of advice on things like pickup lines and how to become an endlessly sarging pickup artist. If that’s what you’re looking for, there are plenty of sites online to help you find more information on that particular topic.

Some of the sites are focused on things like getting more sex or pick up lines that won’t have women tossing drinks in your face, or laughing you out of the bar. Others teach (or try to teach) guys how to date women they might not otherwise have a chance with.

Some of the sites are good, some are not so good. In general, I’d recommend sites that have a more respectful view of women.

Yes, we know you want regular sex. What matters to us is how you go about getting it.

Be a nice guy. Nice guys finish naked too.



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