Ask Lisa! I can’t stop thinking about him

April 5, 2009

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Dear Lisa,

I met this guy online, and he seemed perfect. We got into each other maybe a little too fast. The week we ended our correspondence, I sensed something was wrong. I asked him about it and he said he and his ex were fighting, and it really bothered him. He said maybe this was bad timing but he felt as though he should pull out before things with us got too serious. Unfortunately, it was too late for me, now all I can think about is him.

Should I try to contact him, or let it go?

Functional Keyboard, Broken Heart

Dear Functional

Let him go, sweetie. He still has feelings for his ex and he???s trying to let you down easy. It???s easy to wonder ???what-if??? in this situation, but it won???t get him over his ex any faster, and it will wind up making you crazy.


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rae-bae August 16, 2009 at 3:27 pm

dear lisa,
my ex boyfriend has a girlfriend and it hurts me really bad to know that they are together i have to see them at school everyday and i don’t know what to do
i tfeel that he is happier with her and they will be together for a while
i can’t stop thinking about it what can i do i act like i don’t care but i really do
we were friends but we don’t talk anymore because he asked me for a hug and when i went to go give him one this boy came and put his arm around me and walked off . when i saw my ex again i tried to say something but he just ignored me and kept walking even when he gave my cousin a hug he just looked at me and walked off he texted me yesterday and asked what our math teacher name was and that was it i don’t know if he has a atitude because of what the guy did or because he has a girlfriend and just doesn’t want to talk to me anymore im really confused because i want him back but it seems as though he has moved on i know i should to but it is really hard. i thought he would still have feelings for me because he sometimes worry’s about me and other guys like if im talking to one he would call him my boyfriend and think i like him i told him if he didn’t like me anymore why was he worrying about me liking someone and he said he was going to stop but on friday he had a attitude with me i don’y know if it was because of what the guy did (put his arm around me and walked off) or because he has a girlfriend and wants nothing to do with me please help


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