Can I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back? Sneaky Product Alert

February 28, 2010

A lot of guys write to me and ask, “How can I get my ex girlfriend back”?

My first question is always, “Why in the world do you want her back?”

After all, whatever it was (cheating, boredom, jealousy, insecurity, nagging) that broke you up in round one (or round forty-seven) will likely still be there if you get back together. Right? That is, of course, unless one of you has been abducted by a cult, or struck by massive volts from fallen power line. Otherwise, you’ll still be the same old people with the same old problems. Plus makeup sex.

But what if you really, really, really want her back? What if you broke up over something stupid, or a misunderstanding, and you just know it can work out if only your girl would give you one more chance? Or what if the connection you have is so amazing, so fantastic, so meant to be that you don’t want to imagine your life without her?

Sometimes, that’s all we need. A second chance.

And that’s just the kind of attitude that the marketers of the Ex2 System are looking for. They promise, in fact, to load you up with sneaky psychological tricks to get her to beg you to come back, make your ex girlfriend insanely jealous, and even offer a “blueprint” to get her back into bed with you.

Honestly, do you really want to get your girlfriend back if you have to practically hypnotize her to do it? Or are you willing to try just about anything?


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