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February 10, 2010

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7 Things To Do If You’re Dateless on Valentine’s Day

No other holiday drives home the fact that you???re single so much as Valentine???s Day. The mushy diamond commercials. The candy. The overpowering stench of roses in the hallways of your office building. For the uninvolved, it can be downright annoying. For those who want to be in a relationship but aren???t, it can be utterly painful.

But, there’s lots of fun to be had if you know where to look: Below you’ll find seven fun dateless options that will make even your most blissfully-coupled friends envious of your Valentine???s Day plans.

1) Recycle Your Ex

Throw a singles-only party where everyone brings an ex who was nice, but just not “The One.” (Sort of a People Potluck.)
Add snacks, a few mixed drinks, and you’ve got yourself a Valentine’s day blast.

2) Vegas, Baby

Get Some friends together, take a long weekend, (and a cheap flight) and head to the most singles-friendly destination on the planet.
Do it right, and you won’t even remember it’s February 14.

3) Give a Day of Service

Instead of spending the day sitting around and moping about your love life, spend a day helping others. Whether you swing a hammer at a Habitat for Humanity house or serve dinner at your local homeless shelter, nothing makes us feel better, or appreciate what we do have than helping others less fortunate.

4) Do Your Taxes

Okay, so this one isn???t really going to be that much fun, but think of it this way: every restaurant in town is going to be booked anyway,
and you???ll have a HUGE weight off your shoulders for the next two months. Plus, filing early can shorten your refund time by weeks!

5) Throw an Anti-Love Movie Fest

Invite a few friends, load up on slashers and cheese-corn, and camp out on the sofa. Nothing will keep your mind Valentine???s Day-free
like screaming until you???re hoarse and scaring the crap out of yourself and five or six of your closest pals.

6) Babysit for some married friends or a single parent with a hot date

Finding a babysitter on a weekend Valentine???s Day is about as complicated as determining the molecular formula of SPAM.
Take the pressure off somebody who really needs a little romance in their lives by offering to babysit while they head out for a
night on the town. It???s not exactly glamorous, but the good karma will follow you around for the rest of the year.
(Besides, if you???re not getting lucky on Valentine’s Day, at least somebody should???)

7) Throw a Pajama Party or Poker Night

You’re never too old to invite the girls over for a night of junk food, amateur pedicures and girl talk.

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