Porsha Stewart Divorce: Surprise! Your Husband is an Ass.

March 29, 2013

According to a slew of gossip sites, Real Housewife Porsha Williams Stewart found out that her husband had filed for divorce on the Internet.
Her soon-to-be ex-husband, former NFL football player Kordell Stewart filed on March 22. The Internet got wind of it four days later, March 26. Which is how Porsha reportedly learned that her husband had decided to leave her.

I am not a Housewives fan, so I have not had a front row seat to the steady decomposition of their relationship, which was surely hastened by the fermenting glare of the spotlight.

I am, however, a love and relationships expert. And when I look at this story three things jump out at me:

First, a surprise attack divorce smacks of serious control issues and a desire to inflict the greatest amount of humiliation and pain on the recipient. Not cool.

Second, men rarely (very rarely, almost never) leave a marriage unless they have someplace else to go. If I were Porsha or her divorce attorney, I’d be combing through the financial records right this minute looking for infidelity. Especially since football players are more likely to cheat than the general population. Repeated slams to the head can damage the front lobe of the brain and cause nasty problems with things like impulse control. (Which can lead to behaviors like cheating, and you know, filing for divorce on a whim.)

And third, I’d hire this guy. John Mayoue, who is best known for repping Jane Fonda, Chris Rock, David Justice and Marianne Gingrich, is one of the top divorce attorneys in the country, and he just happens to have a lovely office in Atlanta. Porsha, if you’re reading this, call him.

Then, kick the camera crew out for the next few weeks and get your closest (non-Housewife) girlfriends and family around you for support. Hold your head up, and you will make it through.

Is He Cheating by Lisa DailyPorsha, Mr. Mayoue, this might help: Is He Cheating?



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