Online Dating Poses That Get Attention

March 15, 2016

Lisa Daily Author Dating Expert Selfie? Check. Happy shot? Check. Left side of my face? Check. Cleavage? Sorry, buster.


Why do some dating profile pics get more attention than others?

A new study of more than 6000 singles by Dating Found discovered that certain poses are more likely to attract the opposite sex to your dating profile.  So, this week on the Daytime Show I’ll be telling you which poses are most likely to get you noticed.  A while back, I did a segment on the most flattering cameras for your online dating photos, you can check it out here.

For guys:

1. If you’re a guy, your best bet is to show a little pride.  Manly poses with where you’ve climbed something, or have just purchased yourself a brand new BMW, or built a whole block’s worth of shelters for the homeless with just a hammer and the sweat on your brow.  Girls dig that.

2. Your next best bet is the fun shot of you, cliff diving with your friends, or eating one of those Fred Flintstone turkey legs with a group of pals at a music festival, or snorkeling in some exotic locale.  You know, one of those shots that makes obvious that you have an awesome life.

3. The left side of your face.  Do I need to explain? No, no I don’t.

4. The happy shot is one of my personal favorites, but apparently, I’m the only one — because this shot is least favored by people who might like to date you.  Still, you’ll need to include at least one, because we like to make sure you have most of your teeth.

For ladies:

1) The happy shot, which is least popular for guys, is most popular for women.  So pick photos where you’re having fun.

2) The cleavage shot is second most popular.  Yes, shocker, who knew?  Men like breasts. Another mystery of the universe solved.

3) Next on the hit list is the fun shot, you having the time of your life doing something interesting or goofy.

4) Pictures that feature the left side of your face.  Because that’s the cutest one, obv.



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george April 20, 2016 at 8:42 am

I love what you do Lisa.hook me up with a Clinton Supporter to date


Lisa April 27, 2016 at 10:11 pm

Aww, thanks George! I’ll keep an eye out for you 🙂 xo


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