Feminism & Dating: The Future of Dating is Female!

April 4, 2017

Lisa-Daily-Daytime-Show-GraphicTHE FUTURE OF DATING IS FEMALE.
The number one turn-on for male daters this year? Female entrepreneurs. This week on the Daytime show I’m talking about some more of the fascinating facts from the SINGLES IN AMERICA study, including what the explosive resurgence of the feminist movement means for single women and men. (Woohoo!)

The takeaway:

What does the term feminism mean to daters?
Men & women are equal: 47% women/37% of men
It means a lot of different things: 43% women/42 men
No idea 5% of women/8% of men

Why are feminists are desirable dates?
78% offer to pay on a date
95% take charge in the bedroom
25% initiate sex for the first time

How do singles define a “strong woman”?
confidence 73% women/64% men
intelligence 65% women/ 69% of men
independence 67% women 53% of men

Good news!



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