Chris Brown and Rihanna Call it Quits Again.

March 31, 2013

 Chris Brown and Rihanna Call it Quits Again by Lisa Daily

Chris Brown announced that he and Rihanna had broken up in interview with LA radio station Power 106 FM set to air Monday morning. He also expressed regret for his 2009 assault of Rihanna in an interview last week with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM

Chris Brown never did any jail time for the Rihanna assault.

That makes me LIVID.

He assaulted her, she was beaten to a pulp, and she identified Chris Brown to police that night. It was the assault seen ’round the world as media outlets across the globe broadcast images of a beaten and bloody Rihanna.

But Rihanna, like many victims of domestic violence, refused to cooperate with police after the initial attack. Chris Brown pled guilty, and received no jail time. Many dating violence victims feel responsible, as though it were they, and not the abusers themselves, whose actions could put the person they love in jail. Abusers often use this type of misplaced guilt to their own advantage.

And then they got back together. Rihanna had an opportunity to be a leader to her legions of fans, assist the prosecution, and shine a light on how stand up to domestic violence — a crime that impacts so many of her fans.  In fact, 43% of college women report being victims of dating violence.  But she didn’t.  Or maybe she just couldn’t.

The judge in the case too, had an opportunity to send a message to the planet that dating violence is not okay, that you will be punished if you beat up your girlfriend. Instead, the judge ordered a mere slap on the wrist. Five years probation, a temporary 50-foot restraining order, 6 months of community service and a 2-week domestic violence course.

Chris Brown, according to court documents, punched Rihanna repeatedly in the face, bit her, tried to throw her out of a car, and threatened to kill her. The judge, Patricia Schnegg, stated,”I want Mr Brown to be treated the same as any other defendant who would come into this court. That means something like graffiti removal and a two-week domestic violence program.”

Graffiti removal and a two-week program. Let’s hope it’s one hell of a program, because it sure wasn’t much of a punishment. Give me a break. That’s all there is for beating up someone half your size and threatening their life? Two weeks? I’ll bet it took longer than that for her bruises to heal.

Chris Brown, for his part, has lately expressed some remorse.  But much of what he says on the matter is about how willing Rihanna has been to forgive him. Is this what we really want to communicate to young men and women?

Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Judge Schnegg sent a message loud and clear –dating violence is no big deal.
Except that it is. It’s a very big deal.

Rihanna should make it a priority to only date men who are respectful and kind to her, who don’t degrade, demean, or assault her.  Chris Brown, should realize he got off easy, and use that second chance to wield his influence instead of his fists — and send the message loud and clear through his actions, his music, and his public appearances than hitting your partner is flat out wrong.

Finally, if you are assaulted, please call the police on the day that it happens. Take photos of any bruising, cuts, or property damage. File a restraining order that day, assist law enforcement in any way you can. And then, end the relationship. Because you are worth more than to be with someone who disrespects you, calls you names, or tries to hurt you. That’s not love. It’s abuse.

You. Deserve. Better.


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Chris Brown’s assault on Rihanna allegedly began when she found a text on his phone from another woman. Dating violence, anger issues, and cheating, are all related to a lack of impulse control. If this sounds familiar, you might want to read this: Is He Cheating?


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