Ask Lisa! I slept with him and he never called again

March 21, 2009

Lisa Daily Advice For DatingDear Lisa,

I started seeing this great guy for about a month. He made me feel pretty special and I liked him a lot. After I slept with him, he never called me again. I called him a couple weeks later and he says he’s emotionally unavailable. I feel duped and hurt, but I still want him to call me, what do I do?

Used and Confused

Dear Used,
Hmmm. Let’s rewind a bit, shall we? You sleep with this guy, he never talks to you again, you call him and he tells you he’s unavailable. He hurts you. He makes you feel stupid. And you want him to call you?

I’d like to think it’s because you’ve just won seven million dollars, you’re starting a new career as a supermodel/nuclear physicist, and you and your new rock-star/Internet genius fianc?? are going to be moving to Paris so you’d like to tell him could he Puh-leese let you off the phone because you’ve got to get packing.

My guess, unfortunately, is that despite all evidence that this guy is not interested in anything besides sex, you’d be willing to let him back into your life for another round of do-me-and-dump-me.

You want a relationship. He doesn’t. If he does call you, it will be a booty call. Forget this guy and find somebody who actually wants to be with you.
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