6 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Man — This week on DAYTIME

March 23, 2009

Lisa Daily Daytime Show6 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Man by Lisa Daily
This Tuesday I have a helpful bit of advice for dating on Daytime — I’m talking about the taboo topics your guys doesn’t want to chat about. (And no matter how close your relationship is, some conversations are better saved for your girlfriends, and some things are just better left unsaid.) Here are the top 6:

1) “We Need to Talk.”
Nothing puts up a guy’s defenses faster than those four little words. Why? No woman ever says , “We need to talk — I’ve been thinking you should play golf more often.” or “We need to talk — my hot supermodel friend is going to spend bikini season in our spare bedroom.” Guys associate we need to talk with trouble ahead.

What to do? If you do need to talk, just start right in. (Preferably in the car or on a walk, when you’ll have the best chance of making a connection.)

2) Celebrity Gossip
As shocking as it may be, your guy doesn’t care about who Lindsay or Britney or Madonna is dating, or whether or not Rhianna is planning on getting back together with Chris Brown. (just say no, sweetie.)

He doesn’t understand why you care. Not even a little bit.

3) Details about your Ex
I don’t watch horror movies for one simple reason — the gory images stay with me for weeks or months after the movie is over. The same thing is true for your guy and details about your ex.

If you happen to mention in casual conversation that your ex used to drive a ’67 Mustang, that car will be driving around in his brain until the end of your relationship. Keep the details to yourself. Trust me on this one.

4) Your Food Issues and Your Jiggly Thighs and Your Big Fat Butt

The last thing you want to do is convince a guy who thinks you’re attractive that you are, in fact, not. Guys not only don’t want to hear about your latest diet. They don’t want to hear about how terrible your body is. They just want to see you naked. And most of them will die happy if they never ever have to answer the question, “does this make my butt look big?”

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5) “Size Doesn’t Matter”
Uttering these words instantly makes size an issue. Not just an issue, THE issue. Something that will nag him for the entirety of your relationship. The correct answer to any question where you might be tempted to proclaim that size is of no consequence is this, “darlin’, it’s perfect.”

6) “Nothing’s Wrong”

You stomp around, slamming cupboards and doors, waiting for him to apologize. When he asks, “sweetie, is there anything wrong?” you snap, “Nothing’s wrong.” Why? Because HE SHOULD ALREADY KNOW WHAT HE DID…

The bad news? He doesn’t know. He’s not psychic. And you acting like a petulant two year-old isn’t going to make him any smarter about your emotional issues. He’s just going to assume you have PMS, or that you’re COMPLETELY INSANE.

And the fact that you’ve just lied to him about not being upset when you really are upset isn’t really going to help your case when you finally get around to discussing whatever it was that ticked you off in the first place.

Be responsible for your own emotions, and bring up any issues that are bothering you like a grown-up. It’s the best chance you have of resolving them.


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